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Song: Boulevard | Dan Byrd Không rõ

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Song: Boulevard | Dan Byrd - Lyrics [HD Kara+Vietsub]


I don’t know why, You said goodbye
Just let me know you didn’t go forever my love
Please tell me why, You make me cry
I beg you please on my knees if that's what you want me to

Never knew that it would go so far
When you left me on that boulevard
Come again you would release my pain
And we could be lovers again

Just one more chance, Another dance
And let me feel it isn’t real that I’ve been losing you
The sun will rise, Within your eyes
Come back to me and we will be happy together


Maybe today, I’ll make you stay
A little while just for a smile and love together
For I will show, A place I know
In Tokyo where we could be happy forever



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